Math 111 - Trigonometry

This course is no longer offered. Talk to your academic advisor to see which course is the best option for you.


  • To help students obtain basic trigonometric concepts by way of an integrated approach.
  • To promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills through the application of trigonometric concepts to common situations.
  • To enhance learning and understanding of trigonometric concepts through the integrated use of graphing calculators.
  • To promote and utilize the “Rule of Four”: All concepts are explored algebraically, numerically, graphically and in context with applications.


PPL 50+ or MCLG 88+ or SAT I MSS 590+ or ACT MATH 24+ or Math 112 or Math 113.


The following course materials are required for Math 111:

  • Pearson MyMathLab Access
  • Graphing Calculator -- Certain models of graphing calculators are allowed, while others are forbidden. Information can be found here.


The SPECIFIC Course Policy for your Math 111 section should be made available to you by your instructor.

Fall 2019 General Course Policies